Melksham Censuses

The Melksham censuses are in the process of being transcribed. The following are links to those that have been completed. Some are finished; others are in progress.

These are not your typical census transcriptions. Please note this information is based on cross-referencing data with other year censuses, newspaper articles and other documents that more accurately detail information at the time. This includes, for instance, corrections for spellings of names and relationships to heads of households. In other words, the information you see included does not reflect exactly how the census has been recorded. For this reason, although we have tried to be very accurate, there may be some assumptions that should still be corrected. If this is the case, the information will be corrected and republished here.

If you find an error, please report this.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst these censuses are complete for the most part, we are currently in the process of doing a major overhaul with the way they are presented. We're adding some information that would be especially useful to family researching, adding clarity, and also correcting a few mistakes that have been discovered while the overhaul has been taking place. When these have been complete, they will be uploaded and replace what is listed below. If you would like to be notified, please email and let us know which census year and location you are interested in. It's possible that particular census might be complete now.

  COMPLETE - .pdf download is 3.1 MB and contains 509 pages which covers 14 districts containing 1,292 households with a total of 6,272 people
  COMPLETE - .pdf download is 3.2 MB and contains 502 pages which covers 12 districts containing 1,340 households with a total of 6,046 people
  COMPLETE - .pdf download is 2.4 MB and contains 362 pages which covers 10 districts containing 979 households with a total of 4,235 people
  COMPLETE - .pdf download is 3 MB and contains 293 pages which covers 10 districts containing 994 households/4,294 people; 81 homes unoccupied
  COMPLETE .pdf download is 3.4 MB and contains 296 pages, which covers 10 Districts of 996 households with 4,407 people
  COMPLETE - .pdf download is 3.2 MB and contains 285 pages; 1,109 households totalling 4,734 people; 94 premises unoccupied
  COMPLETE - .pdf download is 2.6 MB and contains 391 pages which covers 9 districts containing 1,095 households with a total of 4,687 people
  INCOMPLETE - .pdf download is 1.2MB and contains 204 pages which includes complete District 3 and random others; 547 households with a total of 2,519 people.